Startup Franchising

Planning and Structuring your Franchise

The key to launching a successful franchise program is aligning your business with franchise counsel who understand the nuances of franchise law, devotes the time to truly understand your business, and has the experience to anticipate the future needs of emerging and evolving franchise systems. We have launched brands in all industries including highly regulated industries like medical spas and cannabis franchise systems; fast food; residential and commercial services; education; pet services; health and wellness; fitness; big box gyms; and more.

Preparing the FDD and Franchise Agreement

Our Franchise Disclosure Documents are used by franchise systems throughout the country in all states. We draft and update custom FDDs for each franchise client and provide guidance to our franchisor clients on FDD updates throughout the year and at renewal time. It is critical that a startup and emerging brand FDD is compliant with all necessary disclosures. We work with our clients to ensure compliance with federal and state law.

State Registrations

Certain states require presale registration and approval of FDDs by state authorities. The states that require franchise registration are California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Other states require a Notice of Intent to be filed or proof of trademark with a nominal fee. States such as Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, Texas, and Utah require compliance with business opportunity laws. Our team routinely registers our emerging brand franchisor clients in every state, and we understand that timing is everything. We regularly communicate and have built relationships with state examiners to achieve registration as quickly as possible for our franchisor clients.

Protecting Your Brand

We routinely counsel our clients in franchise disputes on business-positive resolutions, rather than maximizing the conflict because we understand that conflict within a franchise system often takes the focus off of the business aspect of running and growing a franchise business. However, our attorneys have the depth of experience both in the courtroom and in arbitration to litigate and win for our franchisor clients. Whether you need an immediate temporary restraining order or injunction to prevent franchisees from competing with your brand or you need us to seek damages in arbitration all the way through to a final hearing, our litigation attorneys have secured substantial, published victories over the years and serve our clients with cost-efficient rates and budgets.

Franchise Sales Compliance

We offer comprehensive sales training program to our emerging brand founders and sales team. Franchising is a highly regulated industry where “slip-ups” and failure to comply can impede emerging brands from growing. We regularly counsel franchise sales professionals both in-house and franchise sales contractors on compliance issues to protect our clients from liability to franchisees.

Flat Fees

We offer competitive flat fee pricing on our FDDs and monthly and flat fee options for FDD updates and renewals and other services such as franchise closings, franchise sales training, state registrations and renewals, and more. We understand entrepreneurs’ and startups’ priorities, as well as the competition they face in our industry. We make our clients’ goals our goals, and will provide creative and cost-effective solutions to any problems startup and emerging brands might face in launching a franchise brand.

What Can We Help You With?

Startup Franchising
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