Registration or Filing Required?

Business Opportunity Laws?

Alaska is not a franchise registration state. Prior to offering or selling a franchise in Alaska, you do not need to register your FDD. Although Alaska has enacted business opportunity laws, franchisors that are in compliance with the Federal Franchise Laws are exempt from Alaska’s business opportunity disclosure requirements.

Alaska does not require FDD registration but if you are not a franchisor and not otherwise in compliance with the franchise laws and FDD disclosures, you must comply with Alaska’s Business Opportunity Laws. As a franchisor you must ensure that your FDD is current, that you are in compliance with the FDD disclosure requirements under the FTC Franchis Rule and that you properly disclose your prospective Alaska franchisee. If your franchise is in compliance with the FTC Franchise Rule, then you will be exempt from the Alaska Business Opportunity Act and you will not be required to register as a business opportunity. The definition of a “business opportunity” under the Alaska Business Opportunity Act is broad but, Section 45.66.220 specifically exempts franchises.