Registration or Filing Required?
Yes (Filing)

Business Opportunity Laws?

Florida is not a franchise registration state, but Franchisors must comply with the Florida Sale of Business Opportunities Act by filing an annual Franchise Exemption Notice with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services also referred to as the FDACS. Within the exemption notice you will be claiming an exemption from Florida’s Business Opportunity Laws on the grounds that you have an FDD that has been properly issued under the FTC Franchise Rule. Exemption notices must be filed annually in the State of Florida and must include an annual filing fee in the amount of $100.

As long as your application is complete, generally, you should receive a response within four to six weeks. Upon review and approval of your application, you will receive a notice advising you that you have been granted an exemption under Section 559.802 of the Florida Statutes. The notice will advise you of the effective date of your exemption and the expiration date.