Registration or Filing Required?
Yes (Registration)

Business Opportunity Laws?

Wisconsin is a franchise registration state. So, you must register your FDD with the Wisconsin State Department of Financial Institutions Securities Division prior to offering or selling franchises in the state. Wisconsin charges a $400 fee for its registration application, and registration expires 1 year after the effective date of registration. More information can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions’ Website.

Wisconsin defines a franchise as an agreement in which:

  1. The buyer is granted the right to offer, sell, or distribute goods or services under a marketing plan prescribed by the seller;
  2. The operation of the business is substantially associated with a trademark or other commercial symbol designating, owned by, or licensed by the seller; and
  3. The buyer pays a franchise fee.

Franchises are subject to Wisconsin’s Franchise Investment Law whenever the offer to sell a franchise originates in, is directed to, or is accepted in the state. Franchisors only need to register if their offer is directed to or accepted in Wisconsin (not if it originates in Wisconsin). Registering in Wisconsin is now done through their online application system.

You must file an amendment application within 30 days of making a material change to the information contained in the FDD. Amendments can be filed in the same online portal as other applications and must include the same information required for a normal registration for $200.