​​7 Reasons To Why Hiring An Experienced Florida Franchise Lawyer Makes Sense (And Cents)

Google “buy a franchise” or “start a franchise.” You will be inundated with matches for franchise opportunities, franchise consultants, franchise brokers, and tons of information about franchising from media sources. You, a prospective franchisor or franchisee, know you want to  explore the opportunity. Where do you start? Who can you turn to? Here are 7 reasons why hiring […]

The Accidental Franchise: A Must Read For Lawyers And Business Owners


“Many well-meaning attorneys have tried to avoid application of the franchise laws by referring to a relationship as a ‘license’ and not a franchise, or to the agreement as a ‘license agreement,’ ‘dealer agreement,’ or ‘consulting agreement’ … but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, call it […]