​​7 Reasons To Why Hiring An Experienced Florida Franchise Lawyer Makes Sense (And Cents)

Google “buy a franchise” or “start a franchise.” You will be inundated with matches for franchise opportunities, franchise consultants, franchise brokers, and tons of information about franchising from media sources. You, a prospective franchisor or franchisee, know you want to  explore the opportunity. Where do you start? Who can you turn to? Here are 7 reasons why hiring […]

The Accidental Franchise: A Must Read For Lawyers And Business Owners


“Many well-meaning attorneys have tried to avoid application of the franchise laws by referring to a relationship as a ‘license’ and not a franchise, or to the agreement as a ‘license agreement,’ ‘dealer agreement,’ or ‘consulting agreement’ … but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, call it […]

Are You Ready To Franchise Your Business?

Are you ready to franchise your business?  What do our franchise attorneys look for when analyzing whether a business is ready to franchise?  The benefit of  converting your business to a franchise system is that you can use the capital of franchisees, a.k.a independent operators paying you to utilize your business model and benefit from the use […]

5 Myths About Franchising Your Business Debunked

Are you a small business owner? Have you thought about expanding your business through franchising? Well, then, I’m sure you’ve heard rumors about what it takes financially, (and perhaps physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.) to start selling your business model  to franchisees. TFF’ franchise lawyers serve as legal partner to startup franchise systems (including 3natives.com) throughout […]